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Enchanted Forest - Indoor Adventure Park

Guests with overnight accommodations can enjoy $15 Adventure cards including, but not limited to:
  • 32' Rock Climbing Wall
  • Euro Bungee Trampoline
  • Indoor Zip Line
  • Super Slide
  • Ropes Course
  • Kiddie Play Zone
The Enchanted Forest Adventure Park features adventure and thrill attractions for kids of all sizes and ages - from daring riders to pint sized players. Located just a few miles from Ottawa, IL, our indoor adventure park features cool attractions and action-packed adventures as well as laser tag, a ropes course, a zip line and an arcade. At Grizzly Jack's good times happen naturally. Each person in your family, over the age ofthree, will be given one refillable adventure card, preloaded with $15 to use for their own choice of adventure!Children under the age of two can play at no additional charge. Prices for each attraction are listed below.
Celebrate your birthday at the Enchanted Forest with fun birthday party packages that include a party room, pizza, beverages, and adventure cards for their choice of adventure.
The Enchanted Forest offer fun attractions, slides and play zones for everyone in your crew. From zip lines to laser tag, everyone in your family will enjoy the action. Some rides have minimum height requirements and all of our rides do require closed toe & heel shoes and socks. Please read our attraction descriptions here to learn more.

Birthday Party Packages

We have birthday party packages to suit every budget.

Special Attraction Pricing

  • Zip Line

    - $5.00
  • Rock Wall- $5.00
  • Super Slide- $3.00
  • Euro Bungy- $5.00
  • Laser Tag- $5.00
  • Ropes Course

    - $5.00
  • Inflatables- $2.00


Zip Line

An Indoor "Zipline Adventure".Start your zipline adventure ascending our launch tower for a unique and thrilling experience. Our Zipline Instructor will clip you into a secure harness, count to three and JUMP! Feel the adrenaline rush as you step off our 20 foot tower and accelerate out over the Enchanted Forest. Our Zipline consists of cables stretching over 200 feet. The force of gravity will zip you down the wire to the end of the cable where another Zipline Instructor will assist you down and out of the harness.

Minimum weight and height requirements is 30 pounds and 42". Maximum weight and height requirements is 250 pounds and 6'3". Children must be accompanied by a participating adult. Participants must be able to fit in to our harnesses and be in good health. Requirements: shirt, pants or shorts, no loose fitting clothing or jewelry, long hair tied back and secured. Shoes must be closed toe and secure and socks must be worn. Sorry, no crocs.

Rock Climbing Wall

Take the Thirty Two Foot Challenge!If scaling heights is your passion, if your a skilled climber of infamous places or just a beginner, whether you find climbing to be a physically gratifying pursuit or just plain ol' fun, come and hone your skills in the climate controlled indoors of Grizzly Jack's Enchanted Forest. Our 32 foot scultped realistic rock climbing wall features four distinct rock faces to accommodate a variety of climbing skill levels.

Planning & anticipating your next move to get to the top-takes mental & physical skill. Builds muscle tone and endurance and it's a great cardio exercise too! Our rock wall Auto-Belay safety systems are the most trusted in the industry. Accommodates up to four persons, climbing as a family is an enjoyable way to spend time together.

Climbers must weigh at least 40 pounds and no more than 200 pounds and be in good physical health. Closed toe shoes and socksare required.


High Flying in the Forest!Go air-bound while you jump and soar up to an amazing 25 feet in the air! It's the closest you can come to flying without wings! This multi-station trampoline enables kids to experience the adrenaline rush of the hybrid Bungy-Trampoline Jump and accomplish gravity-defying moves!

Your Euro Bungy adventure begins when we fit you into a safety harness with Bungee cords on both sides and hoist you into the air. Up to 4 people can bounce at the same time in each of the four harnesses and trampolines. It's the ultimate in FUN! Kids young and old will love this attraction. Either way, we're sure that one ride will never be enough!

Bungee riders must be at least 4 years of age, weigh at least 30 pounds and no more than 200 pounds. No shoes are permitted on this attraction, participant must wear socks.


Ropes Course

An Indoor "Aerial Adventure".Sharpen your skill of balance, confront your fears and anxieties, gain personal achievement, and master an obstacle course ten feet in the air! Step into a full body harness with lanyard attached into a continuous overhead belay tracking system.

A great opportunity to learn about positive risk taking, re-discover your own perceived limits and your performance under pressure. Involves the development and mastery of self confidence, decision making, trust and self-esteem. A recreational activity that is an individual challenge, physically and mentally.

Minimum height is 48" with out adult. Maximum weight is 300 pounds. Participants must be able to fit into our harnesses and be in good health. Closed toe shoes and socksare required. Sorry, no crocs.

Laser Tag

Place: Next to an abandoned mine shaft deep within the Enchanted Forest, in Utica's ancient Curtis Canyon a thousand meters below the earth's crust, lies a crash site with remnants of an unidentifiable spacecraft. Local news has reported children from the area and family pets vanished from their homes.

Mission: To find the missing or to seek those responsible for their disappearance and destroy them.

Objective: Each player is provided a phaser and computerized vest. The objective is to join forces with your team mates and deactivate the opposing players and their bases with use of your phaser, as a computer program tallies your individual and team scores.

Laser Tag is more than an attraction, its a fast paced action game played in a dark haze with a multi-level platform. Discover an interactive space-themed laser tag adventure and step into an interactive "entertainment experience" that brings FUN to a new level! Compete to score the most points for your team to conquer and win!

Safety is our top priority! Please read our safety rules before enjoying any of our attractions and please remember your socks and tennis shoes. All of our adventure park activities do require closed- toe shoes and socks.
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