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Lots of Soup for You at Burgoo in Utica, Illinois!

About 3 year(s) ago by MediaConnect
Lots of Soup for You at Burgoo in Utica, Illinois!

Bring out the ladles and folklore, it's time for Burgoo and the Burgoo Festival! Before we go any further though, you may be asking "what the heck is Burgoo?" Burgoo is a kind of traditional pioneer dish, typically a stew that in its original form, was made with a type of game, usually venison or even squirrel! 

Our Burgoo foregoes the game, but is prepared with carrots, onions, beef, potatoes, hominy, celery, tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, and secret spices. At the Burgoo Festival, this soup is simmered, stirred and watched with an eagle eye on an outdoor wood-burning fire between 12 and 18 hours by steadfast volunteers and veteran "burgoomeisters," who guard their recipes closely. Homemade pies and other goodies also make their way into the mix.

But the Burgoo Fest doesn't just stop at soup and sweets! Interact with about 250 vendors and their wares, and tap your feet to musical entertainment including a marching band!

This festival of food and fables is chocked full of history (as it's the longest running fall festival in northern Illinois) and we believe it is worth a trip to Utica all on its own. So head to Downtown Utica on Sunday, October 11th from 9am to 5pm for some hometown fun that's made to order!


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