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Spectacular Wildflowers can be seen at #StarvedRock next to #GrizzlyJacks!

About 2 year(s) ago by Grizzly Jacks Grand Bear Resort
Spectacular Wildflowers can be seen at #StarvedRock next to #GrizzlyJacks!

Springtime brings a spectacular show of nature to Starved Rock State Park. This popular Illinois attraction, located just minutes from our hotel, is famous for its display of wildflowers as the weather beings to warm up. May and June are the perfect time to catch the region's wildflowers in full bloom across open meadows and forest floors. Plan a hike with your family along the park's beautiful trails to see the wildflowers up close. Bring your camera to capture this special kind of spring magic but just don't touch them. Park rules note that you are not allowed to pick the flowers. 

If you and your family visit during the springtime, you can see dozens of varieties of plants and flowers. In May and June, keep an eye out for the following flowers during your walk:

-Tway Blade Orchids
-Yellow Violets
-White Flag Irises
-Day Lillies
-Yellow Lady Slippers
-Green Dragons
-Black Eyed Susans

And if you time it right, you might even come across Black Raspberries, a tasty treat of spring in the Northwoods of Illinois. You can see the complete list of wildflowers and when they bloom on the Starved Rock website. You can use this handy guide to help plan your visit and when to make your reservations at our nearby family resort. We feature spacious suites and cabins where you can unwind after your hike through Starved Rock State Park. Located less than five minutes from our hotel, the Starved Rock visitor's center has all the information you need on where to see the wildflowers.

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